Are you looking for a way to buy real Instagram followers? Do you wish you had a method that can get more real Instagram followers besides buy Instagram followers from us? Well, this article will surely bring our sales down by few percent, but we just with to provide more value to our customers. Here we will share few secret methods that social media marketer had been using to gain real Instagram followers for years.

How To Buy Real Instagram Followers – 4 Secret Methods

4 Secret Methods of Buying Real Instagram Followers

  1. Facebook Ads – Do you know you can setup a Facebook advertisement and direct the visitors to your Instagram profile? This is one of the cheapest ways that you can buy real Instagram followers. Facebook is already a social media platform, and Facebook users are looking for more people to follow. When you advertise on Facebook, it is very easy to gain a lot of engaging real Instagram followers. This is also the easiest method among the rest.
  2. Newspaper / Magazine Ads – If your business is targeting local customers, having an advertisement on local newspaper or magazine will help you gain more real Instagram followers who are interested in what you offer. Depends on what product or service you are selling, find a magazine that your potential followers will read and buy an advertisement on it. This is the most expensive way to buy real Instagram followers.
  3. Contest – Hosting a contest and giving away some attractive prizes to your current followers. One of the criteria to win is to have your followers mention few of their friends name in the comment. By giving away an awesome prize such as a brand new iPhone 6 plus, your followers will be crazily mention their friends in comment. When their friends were being mentioned, they get notification, and they will come and check you out. Before you know it, your contest went viral and you gain thousands of new real Instagram followers!
    Buy Shout Out from Famous Instagram Account – Effective Method
  4. Buy Instagram shoutout from famous Instagram account – This is what we love the most. It is easy, and not expensive. Try to search in Instagram for profiles that had at least 100k followers, and average 1k-2k likes per photo they upload. Make sure the account’s followers will be interest in what your account is posting. Check their profile bio and see if they had an email or kik ID. Send them an email or message and asking if they can let you place an shoutout post. Usually for 100k account they will charge around $30 – $50 per shoutout. How many real Instagram followers you will get? It’s like lucky draw…

No matter how hard you try, there won’t be any place you can find online that sells you real Instagram followers. If a vendor claimed they do that, please don’t buy from them. Because if they really did provide real followers, often those followers account had been hacked. Buying such followers will only get you into trouble.


These are the 4 secret methods that social media marketer had been using for years to gain more real Instagram followers. They had been proven to be effective and most of the time when you see someone gain a lot of real followers fast, that’s is because they had used one or more methods listed above. This is what we had discovered on how to buy real Instagram followers. Try them in your next social media marketing campaign or just simply, buy Instagram followers from us and save the hassle!