How To Get Instagram Followers Fast

Instagram had became the most popular social media platform for the year 2014, and the trend is definitely on an upward in 2015. Fashion and beauty businesses are among the gainers from this platform where visual content is the main feature. Most of us already had an Instagram account, and be honest that everyone wants a huge following. There are plenty of ways to gain more followers, from following people to purchase Instagram followers.

10 Working Strategies To Get Instagram Followers Fast

Is there a way that can let you get Instagram followers fast? Many Instagrammers including ourselves asked this question constantly and searching for ways to achieve this goal. Let’s discuss some strategies that can help you achieve this.


Instagram is a social media platform. It is the place for people to be social, and making new friends, sharing beautiful photos. We need to interact with people who are interesting in what we are offering. You can like a potential follower’s photo, comment by compliment their awesome works. The key here is to find those people who had none or little comments and likes. Because when you like or comment on someone’s photo with few hundred of likes or comment, your name will be flooded and they won’t be notice that you had like or comment. We need to get their attention, so find someone’s photo that had little or no likes/comments.

Setup a Theme and Follow Through

When you post your photos, apply the filter that can best present your product/service. Your product photo should be always carry the same theme, and don’t had a big change on every photo. You should give your followers a unified feel on your product. If your product is about vintage clothing, use the vintage filter. Post photo that is related to vintage, maybe a vintage car, a vintage toy or something. Clearly show your theme will help you gain more followers fast.

Be an Angel

People had many problems to solve everyday. They look for solution everywhere, including Instagram. If you can provide solutions to their problems, they will more likely to refer their friends and families to follow you. Share tips or guides that can solve your followers problems, remember, social media is the place where virility happen. The more helpful you become, the more viral you will become and hence help you get more followers fast.

Don’t Post Crappy Photos

We had seen some people posted some blurry photos, which you can barely see the eyes of the model in that photo. Mobile phone makers are making their phone screen resolutions higher and higher, and making people more sensitive on the quality of the photos they see. If you post crappy photo, they will just ignore you and maybe unfollow you. The reverse side is if you post high quality photo, they will like it and even comment their friend’s username so their friend can see it too. Now that’s virility.

Re-Post When You Can

We are using the Twitter method here. We retweet the tweets from other user and that user will get a notification. When you see someone’s photo which is relevant to your product, don’t be shy to re-post and credit mention that original poster. The original poster will feel surprise and proud that someone re-post their awesome work! With this you will be able to build a loyal follower and in fact they will become your biggest fan and promoter as well!

Repost Other Instagram User Photo When You Can

Include Inspirational Quote in Caption

Don’t always post product descriptions only. Occasionally write some inspirational quote in caption, which you can find plenty of them with just a little searching. People love to see positive captions, because everyone had a tough day and when come to social media, they wish to be relax and be inspired.

Be Creative with Your Profile

You only had a limited space to describe yourself. Be creative and always use some emoji in that. Don’t forget Instagram is a visual platform, too much of text will turn people away. Tell people who you are in few words, if possible tell people who you are in real life, for example, a single mom, a stay home dad etc. People with common background will be attracted and follow you.

Don’t be a Tag-Freak

Don’t stuff 30 tags in your captions. This make your posts look spammy and don’t really get more followers for you. In fact, use only 3-5 highly relevant tags including your brand. Don’t use tags like f4f, sfs, love, these tags had been heavily used and you won’t be able to get any followers using these. Search for some tags that had moderate photos associated with it and use them. Use Iconosquare to conduct this search, as it will tells you how many photos are using such tag.

The 1-3-5 Method

Had you heard of 1-3-5 method? No? This method had been proven by many that it works to gain more followers on Instagram. What is 1-3-5 method? Basically it means:

  1. Follow 1 person
  2. Comment 3 photos of the same person
  3. Like 5 photos of the same person

Doing this will gain you 1 active real Instagram followers. 90% of the time that person will follow you back and start interacting with you. Try it, it works almost 100% of the time for us.

Cross Promotion

There will be other Instagram accounts which are related to you. If you are selling vintage clothing, there will be vintage cars, vintage toys, vintage furniture, you get the idea. Send them a DM (direct message) or look for their email / website in their profile, asking them to cross promote each others. Remember, look for those account that is similar size of yours. If you have 10k followers, look for accounts with 8k-12k, because if they had way too many followers than yours, they tend to ignore your request. If they had too little followers compare to yours, you won’t be benefit much from this cross promotion. Pick the best photo you had and send them for promote. Remember, you need to promote their photo as it is your own photo as well.

That’s it! 10 ways that can help you get Instagram followers fast! We hope this can help you in having a successful and healthy Instagram account! If you have other methods please do share with us by contacting us!