Always compare which vendor can provide you the maximum value.

There are plenty of vendors that anyone can buy Instagram followers from. However the different pricing and packages that are available can easily confuse you. You scare of being scammed by someone who promise that you can buy Instagram followers cheap but later receive nothing. So what are the actual costs of buying Instagram followers?

The cost of purchasing Instagram followers can be quite different depends on which vendor you go to. Some will sell you really cheap followers, however their followers are all in Arab name or no profile photo. Followers with good quality and look like real person, with their profile uploaded with few photos are price at a higher rate. You can get such a premium quality followers for a reasonable price of $9.99 per 1000 followers, and the price will greatly reduce if the quantity increases.

It doesn’t mean anyone who sells you with the price lower than that is a poor quality follower. They can scarify some profits just to get your sales. However there might be a hidden cost after you purchased your Instagram gollowers.

The Cost Of Buying Instagram Followers – Maximize Your ROI

The Hidden Cost After Purchased Instagram Followers – How To Avoid Them?

We all know when you buy Instagram followers, you will not be getting real followers that will be interacting with you. You are getting non-interactive account in which they will just increase your followers number. These followers are normally created by programmer who runs a special script on automation. By the nature of it, these followers sometime will get detected by Instagram and then deleted from their system. This cause your purchased followers to drop.

In order to maintain the same numbers of followers so your Instagram profile will look healthy, you need to refill the drop followers asap. So there is an additional cost on top of the original money that you had paid. You had to always be careful on this and try to look for vendor who can provide you refill guarantee just like us. With the refill guarantee, whenever your purchased Instagram followers drop, you can save your hard earned money by just informing us to refill it for you within 60 days.

Before you place an order with any Instagram followers seller, you should consider few things:

  1. Does the vendor provide refill guarantee?
  2. What is the price for 1000 Instagram Followers?
  3. How fast can the order be process and deliver?
  4. What is the track record of this vendor? How many clients they had served?


No matter what is the quantity of followers you are looking to buy, always remember to compare at least 3 vendors before you place an order. Impulsive buying is what you hope your clients will do when they buy from you, not when you spend your own money. At Social King Maker we always adjust our price so you can maximize the value of your dollar.